WordPress For Beginners

Create Your Own Dynamic Website For FREE On Your Own Domain

WordPress For Beginners – Lee Sebastian

Quickly set up your own profit blogging website using FREE platforms like WordPress and a cheap hosting account, all for under $25.

It’s easier to make money when you can write about your own interests and passions in whatever niche that happens to be!

This is the key to success when blogging for profit. With FREE platforms like WordPress and cheap VPS account available nowadays, there are no excuses.

The search engines and social media sill and always will love good quality content, original. You can’t trick search engines anymore. SO if you are going to write, it HAS to be about something you love or are keenly interested in.

Welcome to WordPress For Beginners – In this book you are going to learn how to set up your blog site with a good theme and appropriate plugins with NO CODING – all for under $25 starting right now.

(The installation and hosting account can be set up in under 1 hour!)